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• 16.08.2016

The Leagues matches are complete.


Southbourne A or B are Bournemouth League division 1 winners.

• 28.05.2016

The Leagues matches are nearly complete.


Southbourne A or B are Bournemouth League division 1 winners.


Clifton A are Bristol League division 1 winners.


Weymouth A are winners in the Dorset League division 1.


Yeovil are winners in Somerset division 1.


Southampton A are Southampton League division 1 winners.


The Wiltshire Major League is still continuing.

• 21.05.2016

The 4NCL is now complete.


South Wales Dragons remain in division 1 finishing 4th in the demotion pool.


Brown jack are demoted to division 3 finishing 5th in the demotion pool.


Downend & Fishponds remain in division 2 finishing 7th in the promotion pool.


Wessex remain in division 3 finishing 6th in the promotion pool.


Latest News
• 03.09.2015

76th anniversary of the start of WW2.


Another season is about to begin and league fixtures will be distributed soon.


Check out the clubs in your area for any changes to their venue or club night.


Jonathan Hawkins is British Champion.


ECF Membership fees have gone up to £15 bronze, £22 silver (£4 and £6 respectively cheaper for juniors).




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